Established in 1988, Alraya Investment has seen a lot of positive changes since its inception as Alrola Import and Export. What once began as a response to the rapidly growing economy in the United Arab Emirates, has turned into a diverse, multi-level corporation that’s making solid contributions in a number of high-profile industries across both the country and international markets.

Alraya Investment continues to support the country’s progress by providing quality service in regards to real estate sales and rentals, and the manufacture and distribution of vehicles, oil, diesel, food, beverages, and perfumes. It is our goal to always make an impact on the short- and long-term growth of our local market, as well as the global economy.

Our Investments

Perfume Manufacturing


Food & Beverage

Oil & Diesel Trading & Distribution

Real Estate


We believe in creating sustainable, world-class opportunities and investments that make an impact locally and globally. From high-level investments such as real estate and oil, to entry-level investments like perfume, we want each of our contributions to positively affect customers and clients.


Alraya Investment is more than a business, we’re a family. That’s why we’re committed to creating happy, satisfied customers, whether it be through the delivery of our high-quality products, or the long-term use of our sustainable services. Providing world-class levels of customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Alraya Investment understands that you can only build strong relationships with customers when you first build trust and understanding through shared values. That’s why our values aren’t simply a list for our company to follow, they’re what we as people live each and every day.

Our Characteristics

• Integrity
• Fairness
• Transparency
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Excellency
• Customer Focus and Sustainability